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Work Safely Instruction (EN) Film and Test

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RealMedia offers a web-based location / safety instruction system for external companies. It is an extremely flexible e-learning basic framework that can be customized for every production site and industry.

Our web-based instruction system enables several thousand employees at external companies to receive legally compliant instruction in your company ahead of time via a centrally managed web server. This web-based solution offers you clear advantages, e.g. for site audits, with time savings and cost efficiency being the key arguments.


System components:

1) A site instruction film (German/English) and film modules (German/English) for test applications

2) A TV channel administered by RealMedia that delivers all film streams

3) A legitimacy module for testing access permission

4) A database module for recording personal data of the test persons

5) A multimedia test module with a questionnaire in German/English

6) A database module for legally compliant recording of all test results

7) An administration module for processing all test results

8) A print module for printing test certificates, optional API interface for the on-site factory access software

This flexible, customizable complete system is hosted by RealMedia on special high-performance Internet servers. It can be expanded at any time to include additional sites and language versions. It can be connected with a new domain or via and